Chef Lexis creating cookies.

Chef Lexis creating cookies.


Sharon Gonzalez and Lexis Gonzalez  the Mother Daughter Duo behind Lady Lexis.

Lady Lexis Sweets is a full service catering company located in Harlem and owned by a mother daughter duo, Dr. Sharon Gonzalez and Lexis Gonzalez. The have created foods from the Boricua Geechee cuisine (Boricua-Puerto Rican & Geechee-the low country of Charleston, SC). 

Together they create desserts like Charleston Bread Pudding, Rum Raisin Oatmeal, Handmade Peanut Brittle, Soft Caramels, Coconut Macaroons, a handful of vegan selections and much more. Lady Lexis also has a great food menu. Some of the dishes are Pastelon, Fried Chicken & Coquito Waffles, Boricua Geechee Hash, Collards N Neck Bones and much more.  Our menu changes daily so call in to find out what we have today.

We also do food catering, custom cakes, dessert tables, corporate gifts/catering, and everyday gifts. Please call us for more info.



Lexis Gonzalez didn't always want to be a chef. Her first major in Baruch college was Accounting. After struggling to find the creativity in accounting she decided to take a chance on something different. Lexis figured since she loved planning parties and cooking for the parties she would try her hand at Culinary Arts. During her time at school she knew she needed to get her name out there so she would bake and cook for special events. Soon after her mother Dr. Sharon Gonzalez told her that she should really go for it and start selling all the time. Lexis took her advice and in the summer of 2013 she started selling cookies, candies and cakes right outside her Harlem apartment building on a card table.  After a few months of selling and catering, Lexis and Sharon put their money together to prepare for a store location. In November 2013, the opened up Lady Lexis Sweets right around the corner from where the started outside. They have been creating cookies, candies and cakes ever since. 


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You must pre-order your products. You can call us during office hours or email us any time. Here are some other places you can get our products

Uptown Veg —This great vegan spot holds our Deception line for their vegan or vegetarian patrons. 

Shake Shack (coming soon) — It's the burger place you guys know and love. They are moving to 125th street and will be carrying some of our item for their delicious Concretes. Set to open Fall 2018

Got a place you want to see us in? Mention us to your local store to show them your interest or drop us an email and we can follow up @

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Artwork by afinelyne (lynn liberman)

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